Grinding Wet Sprouted Grains

I did not realize how hard it would be to grind wet sprouted grains. Here are some lessons I learned:

  • Most grain mills are not designed to grind wet grain. Wetting the burr could damage it. The same applies to fancy coffee grinders.
  • A food processor works better than a blender but neither result in anything like flour. This is not a good long term solution due to the risk of motor burnout.
  • Grinding in a mortar and pestle takes forever.
  • Some suggest drying the sprouted grain in a food dehydrator and then grinding using a grain mill. My first thought was that the heat may destroy some of the enzymes and nutrients that theoretically make sprouted grains healthier. On the other hand, if I am baking bread, wouldn’t that also kill the enzymes?
  • Some people run the grain through a meat grinder several times. I have invested $10 in a “Universal #1 Food Chopper” similar to this one,  but I haven’t tried it yet.

Historian Rachel Laudan’s blog has some interesting notes on wet grinding.

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