Learnings from Latest Bread Experiments

I’ve continued work with the roughly 30/30/30 seed/flour/grain recipe. The latest iteration used 5 oz of hemp/flax/pumpkin/sunflower seeds, 5 oz of windmill ground rye, and 4 oz cracked rye.

Because the windmill rye was quite coarse, more like meal than flour, I added about a half cup of wheat flour as well, a local red fife, as well as 1/2 cup vital wheat gluten.

My process has also changed. I now do an overnight soak of the seeds/cracked grain in cold water. Cold water seems to be the ticket for non-gummy rye grains.

This time I added yeast to the preferment and then again when I mixed all the ingredients together. I finally got a great rise in the pan but the loaf slowly sank as it baked. I’m still quite happy with the end product. The texture is dense which means it slices nice and thin.

I need to do some more reading about rye and rising. Next time I will increase the proportion of seeds and try 40%. I also want to do a slower, cooler bake like I might for a Westphalian rye.

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